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:. Fayoum Overday

Fayoum Overday
Private Tour (Fullday daily tour)


  • Start your tour at 08.00 am anyday you want.

  • Tour is private with English speaking driver.

The Fayoum city is a wonderful area of Egypt with a rich and interesting history. It is an area where Egyptians often vacation and which is constantly growing more popular among Europeans. Here you will visit maydoum pyramid which was built by the las king “HUNI” in the style of a step pyramid,karoon lake one of the largest lake in egypt,Karoon palace which is a temple dedicated to the Fayoumi god Sobek, built during Ptolemaic times.

It appears as strangely simple and square from the outside, since it is like a complete rectangular box with slightly tilted walls,the Water Wheels which located 3 km north of town, there is a cluster of 7 water wheels and Wadi elrayan with two fairly large lakes, connected by a little river and Egypt's only water falls.


Price includes:

  • All Transportations.

Price excludes:

  • Entrance fees.

  • Lunch&drinks.


  • English speaking tour guide ON REQUEST.


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