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:. Port Said

Egyptian city lies on the north Mediterranean coast of Egypt. Port said was established in 1860 by Said Pasha (Khedive of Egypt) to house men working on the Suez Canal. It is clear that he city was named after Khedive Said the founder of it.

The strategic location of Port Said at the northern entrance of the Suez canal made it a target for a series of wars in Egypt modern history starting from the Suez crisis of 1956 when Britain and France allied with Israel to stage a war against Egypt to control the Suez Canal right after the British forces left Egypt ending a 74 year occupation. In 1967 Israel attacked Egypt and occupied Sinai causing the Egyptian government to evacuate Port Said until the 1973 war in which the Egyptian army defeated Israeli forces and secured a 6 km strip to the east of the Suez canal enabling Port Said people to return to their devastated city.

Destruction of Portsaid during 1967 war, was actually a blessing in disguise as it resulted in rebuilding Port Said in a modern way which has shaped Port said in being an elegant city.


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