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FAYOUM Including the lake Qarun, Al-Fayoum is Egypt's largest oasis. It is an extremely fertile basin watered by the Nile through hundreds of capillary canals that were first built by the pharaohs. It was a favourite vacation spot for pharaohs, who built palaces, and later was named Crocodilopolis by the Greeks, who believed the lake's crocodiles were sacred. These days the region is valued for its abundant vegetation and rich crops, and amazing variety of birdlife.

Qasr Qarun and the Pyramid of Meidum are deserving of a visit, the vicinity of the lake is attractive and the desert around Wadi Rayyan, just beyond Al-Fayoum, is just spectacular. The oasis is about 100km southwest of Cairo. Wadi Al-Hitan ( Whale Valley) was added to Unesco's World Heritage List in 2005. It is a remote valley 150 km southwest of Cairo. Here, hundereds of fossil whale skeletons are exposed by the wind. They lie engrossed in a sandstone formation. Wadi el Hitan is the most important site in the world to reveal the evolution of the whales from land animals to a marine existence.

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